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Corporate information

Marcove Alimentación, S.L. and Conservas Martínez, S.A. is the result of a large preserving tradition. The company established in 1986, located in Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia), a village belonging to the area known as the cradle of the traditional Murcian preserve, aims to provide products and services of the highest quality. Throughout these years, Conservas Martínez with clear export orientation, has achieved a positioning in the most demanding markets. Roasted pepper, the most relevant product of Marcove until now, has been processed in a large number of formats and brands. Private-label/ distributor's brand products are Marcove specialty, achieving the highest level of adaptation to the customer requirements. Our specialization is achieved thanks to a total control of the product along the whole production chain, from the farmer to the packed and labelled final product.

Nowadays, the optimization of processes and controls is essential, and our company is in constant evolution and development. Our facilities of 10000 m2 are equipped with the most modern machinery for the optimization and to obtain the finest product.

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