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Quality and environment

One of the main missions and values of Marcove Alimentación is to maintain and improve quality processes, all according to the internal and external demands of our customers, listening to the opinions and possibilities for improvement is a fundamental factor that Marcove has well consider. From the beginning, the commitment to food safety and control of quality processes has been among the main priority of the company, establishing a plan of critical points and control thereof (HACCP). The company is a partner of the National Technological Center of the Conservancy with headquarters in Molina de Segura (Murcia), where numerous external controls are carried out to guarantee the conservation processes.
Marcove Alimentación, in its responsibility to guarantee the quality and food safety, is currently certified in the international standard BRC.

BRC Food Certificated

All these bearing in mind to strengthen the trust of our customers in our company and products, as well as for new customers to be sure our company is totally trustworthy and our products have the highest quality.

For any questions regarding our processes, quality and food safety policy as well as our environmental policy, do not hesitate to contact our quality department.